Round 'em up! Here are this week's top stories in healthy eating and food science issues.

Also, there will be a quiz.

Is bone broth the miracle cure for common colds and other ailments? Here's

what science says.

The Los Angeles Times examines the danger procrastination plays in losing weight and getting healthy.

A study suggests that

Mexico's tax on sugary drinks has cut sales, which could lead to positive health results.

Keep drinking that coffee. Research says

moderate coffee drinking equals lower risk of death.

And with your cuppa joe, why not enjoy a square of dark chocolate? Cocoa's

flavanols are good for you. But watch out for the calories.

Is leftover kale as healthy as fresh? Also, tips for how to

keep the nutrients in kale in top shape longer.

Do you

filter your water? Maybe you should. Proper water filters can further reduce pollutants, pesticide runoff, and treatment chemicals.

Looking for foods to help lower your cholesterol?

Whole-grain oats are the ticket.

Take The New York Timesweekly health quiz.

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