Microgreens = Meganutrition, Binge-Watching = Binge-Eating, + More Food News

Round 'em up! Here are this week's top stories in healthy eating and food science issues.


Also, there will be a quiz.

CNN looks at where the science currently stands on the

health effects of eating artificial sweeteners.

Are fast food joints really more calorific than other

restaurants that don't report calorie counts?

A quick look at the

high nutritional value of these tiny greens.

The NYTimes Well page looks at

what's actually new in the new dietary guidelines.

For heart health,

it matters which fats you cut back on.

The US Senate comes to

a compromise on school nutrition standards.


TV seems to promote binge-eating, too.

Have poor Western diets over generations done

permanent damage to our gut microbiomes?

Take The New York Timesweekly health quiz.

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