Good News About Fish, Fiber, & Deep Frying! Plus More Food News

Round 'em up! Here are this week's top stories in healthy eating and food science issues.


Also, there will be a quiz.

Too good to be true? A study says

deep-frying veggies may make them healthier.

A successful procedure uses mom's microbes to colonize the

gut microbiomes of babies born by Cesarean section.

A new study indicates

a high fiber diet may help protect women against breast cancer.

CNN reports on a study that links

eating fish with healthier brains -- and the benefits are NOT cancelled out by mercury.

Grist has tips for

cutting down on lunchtime waste.

A study shows that

short lunch periods in schools are associated with less healthy eating.

Were paleo peeps into carbs? Grist takes a look at

research indicating carbs helped build bigger brains.

Take The New York Timesweekly health quiz.

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