This Week's Top Stories On Food Science & Healthy Eating, Vol. 19


Also, there will be a quiz.

More props for the Mediterranean Diet: It may slow memory loss.

What to know when buying fish at the market.

Compound Interest has created a cool guide to

different types of fat.

Here's what to look for when

choosing a breakfast cereal for your kids.

Here are 5 foods that help

fight high cholesterol.


what we eat is more important than when we eat it.

Study suggests people prone to

lower levels of vitamin-D are at greater risk of MS.

Another candidate steps up for consideration as

sugar substitute of choice.

The Mayo clinic explores

how long leftovers stay safe in the fridge.

Study suggests

omega-3 supplements do not improve memory.

Beneficial bacteria in cultured foods like

yogurt may ease digestive problems.

A study finds compounds in flax and sesame

seeds may prevent or slow weight gain.

Researchers discover a

genetic circuit that controls fat storage.

One way to get rid of

invasive species: eat them.

Study ties moderate drinking to

certain cancer risks.

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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