In the never-ending quest for the best-ever grilled cheese, it's almost always about what's between two slices. Better cheese or different types of cheese or just the right combination of aged cheddar and something gooey are kicked around as upgrades. So is the carbo-overloading practice of tucking mac-and-cheese inside the classic sandwich. But what about the bread? That's the pouch that holds the melt-y gold, right? Well, there are slices that will change your grilled cheese game forever, for the better. And you can buy a loaf of those slices at just about any supermarket across the country.

Hooray for Texas Toast

Double the thickness of a typical slice of sandwich bread, Texas Toast loaves are traditionally square. They're usually slathered in butter and toasted on a griddle before being served alongside a plate of barbecue or a pile of spaghetti. Texas Toast also makes the very best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Because it's thicker, it doesn't collapse in the cooking process, warming the cheese slowly to a perfect, slightly molten consistency.

650 x 465 Texas Toast grilled cheese photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly

Garlic Butter on the Outside

Taking a cue from the time-honored Texas Toast preparation, garlic butter is the second secret to the most memorable grilled cheese sandwich. It adds a subtle flavor and helps the bread toast up uniformly. The cool thing about these two ingredients is that they can be swapped into most any grilled cheese sandwich recipe, and turn a good sandwich into a superstar.

650 x 465 texas toast grilled cheese cut in half photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly