Get ready, we're about to step into the future -- into a world where there are no lines at the grocery store! says it has developed new technology that weaves together the latest advances in machine learning, computer vision sensors, and artificial intelligence to create a grocery store with no cashiers, no cash registers -- and no lines. It's all digital. And Amazon is rolling it out at grocery stores called Amazon Go.

The concept, which is called "just walk out technology," is being tested right now in Seattle. How does it work?

You'll use the Amazon Go app. Scan the barcode when you enter the store. Then grab what you like. Pull something off the shelf, and it's automatically added to your virtual grocery cart. If you change your mind and return the item to the shelf, the smarty-pants app takes notice and automatically removes it from the cart. Once you're done, just walk out the door. The app tallies up your items and charges your Amazon account. Boom!

Of course, if there are no checkout lines, how will we get our fix of tabloid headlines? Maybe they'll project them onto the walls. It's a minor detail to work out.

In the meantime, check out the promotional video that Amazon just dropped: