Eat juicy ripe watermelon on a throat-parching day, and you'll know what refreshment's all about. Now, take that watermelon and turn it into drinks, and you've got the ultimate thirst-quencher with the bonus of that ravishing watermelon color.

By Vanessa Greaves

Want to dive in? Here are 10 ways to make watermelon drinks. Five are family-friendly beverages for all ages, and five are strictly for grown-ups. Drink up!

Family-Friendly Watermelon Drinks

These are your go-tos all summer long, suitable for any occasion.

Let's start with the basics. This easy drink is simply watermelon, ice cubes, and a touch of honey in a blender. Whir. Done.

Watermelon Delight | Photo by naples34102

Take blended watermelon juice and strain the solids, and what's left is this gorgeous translucent liquid, whose name means "cool water" in Spanish. Take a sip and you'll know why

Turn your watermelon drink into a slushy by upping the number of ice cubes you throw into the blender, or by blending frozen cubes of watermelon. If you go that route, you'll need to add a little liquid, such as ginger ale, to give the blender something to work with.

Watermelon Slush | Photo by Meredith

Take three of summer's greatest hits, throw them into a blender, and pour yourself a tall one over ice.

Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade | Photo by Meredith

Watermelon, strawberries, yogurt, orange juice go for a spin in your blender to make this rich and creamy shake.

Nobody's Strawberry Watermelon Shakedown | Photo by Sheila LaLonde

Boozy Watermelon Drinks

Because you're old enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like watermelon.

Again, let's start with the basics. Blended and strained watermelon is combined with vodka, shaken with ice, and poured into a glass. Simply stunning.

Watermelon Cosmo | Photo by Meredith

For this easy cocktail, you'll combine blended and strained watermelon juice with vodka, watermelon schnapps (or melon liqueur), lime and simple syrup.

Photo by Dianne

You've heard of filling a whole watermelon with a bottle of vodka, then eating the booze-infused fruit? Well, here's how to do it.

Whatch You Want Watermelon | Photo by CookinBug

Make a big pitcher of this clever twist on sangria for your next backyard BBQ.

Another pretty party drink to add to your summer must-try list. Watermelon purée, white tequila (to preserve the blush color), lime juice, and a little simple syrup go into these refreshers. Rim the glass with sugar or salt. Slip into the nearest hammock.

Photo by MyHotSouthernMess

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