By Carl Hanson

As an editor at Allrecipes, I look at more recipes in a week than I could possibly cook in a lifetime. Don't tell my editor, Blanche Mirepoix, but sometimes, late in the day, my eyes glaze over a bit and my mind wanders. Sometimes I drift, slipping through my headphones into a parallel universe far, far away, where the titles of these actual Allrecipes recipes transform into the names of our favorite bands. In that funky alternate world, this is my record collection:

1) Cherry Winks

The Winks' self-titled album follows on the surprise success of Heart-Shaped Carpaccio. And shows the duo working at their peak of freshness. "This is the classic," confirms Twizzer. The Joni Mitchell influences are so strong here, you'd be forgiven for writing love letters and knitting sweaters as you listen. One thing, the record has range. "It has something in it for everyone," says BALLARDD.

Artwork by Tyrel Stendahl

2) Barbie Shot

Does Barbie have a shot? Believe it. Barbie Shot's sophomore release, Husband's Delight, is "just what I needed after a LONG day of work," raves Sarah Jo.

Artwork by Jeff Cummings

3) Antelope Goulash

No more navel-gazing from the band that brought you the introspective indie hit "Fuzzy Navel Slush." After the spectacle at last year's MTV Music Awards, which saw the lads brawling with Tame Impala and later heaving a spaceman statue through Esperanza Spalding's stand-up double bass, the kids enjoyed a little time off, in rehab. Now back for more, this record proves the aggro vibe endures. Bottom line: This collection of tight, fast, pre-apocalyptic postpunk raunch may not be your bowl of stew -- and that's probably just fine with Antelope Goulash.

Artwork by Julian Birchman

4) Seminary Muffins

From the band that brought you the sleeper hit of last summer, "Surprise Muffins," this release features the jazzy noodlings of Noodles Napoli.

Artwork by Jeff Cummings

5) Funeral Pie

This self-titled album follows on the success of Funeral Pie's dark classic, Galaktoboureko, a collection of high-octane, mostly radio-toxic death metal. Is this Funeral Pie's sell-out album? Not exactly. However, with so many spare, acoustic numbers like "Death by Chocolate Mousse," it is undeniably a departure. But let the boys stretch themselves and their faux-leather pants. They're still "wonderfully unusual," notes Sophie R. "I love it."

Artwork by Tyrel Stendahl

6) Mississippi Six

After the sad demise of their drummer, Mississippi Stix, the Mississippi Seven bought a drum machine and reformed as the Mississippi Six. The beats-heavy sound of the Six's subsequent record, Mississippi Sin, caught many by surprise -- pleasant surprise. And this latest effort shows the band still has something to prove. "Guys have gone wild for it," says TRAVELIN GAL. But this fist-pumping opus isn't just for the bros. "Everyone absolutely raves about it!" says JO IN ARLINGTON. "It is the hit of the party," confirms Dianna.

Artwork by Jeff Cummings

7) Shaggy's Hana Bay Frootie Joy

Fired by Frank Zappa and the Mother's of Invention for being too weird and musically experimental, Shaggy went on to form Shaggy's Hana Bay Frootie Joy. Shaggy's challenging sound can only be accurately described using obscure symbols from a long extinct language. Still, people have tried. Including Shaggy himself, who describes their new album as "something very close to pure bliss." BILLY B HILLBILLY, meanwhile, says it "makes me feel warm all over!"

Artwork by Julian Birchman

8) Moose River Hummers

Still one of the great jam bands going, the Moose River Hummers are at their best when let loose on stage. (And, no, the fans aren't booing, they're shouting, "Mooooooose.") With the new album, Accidental Fish, the spacious, often soothing sounds are as hard to pin down as ever, though not for Marianne. "It reminds me of Wyoming," she says.

Artwork by Tyrel Stendahl

9) Wednesday Waffles

The Waffles' sadly beautiful hit "Don't Want to Cook Monday Chicken" proves the band is more than just this century's answer to the New Christy Minstrels. The record is filled with unexpected delights, including a stripped-down cover of T-Rex's "Raw Ramp" -- no wonder the Waffles continue to win over scores of new fans. "Even hubby liked them!" writes bette.

Artwork by Tyrel Stendahl

10) Deer Chop Hurry

The band was in a rush to complete this follow-up to their wild and woolly debut album, "Kangaroo Stir Fry." And it's quite a departure for the Hurry. "Very tender," confirms Jorin. "Very sweet," seconds woodfairie.

Artwork by Jeff Cummings

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