May 28, 2019
Photo by High Key Wine

Bottles are SO last summer.

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Welcome to the future, folks: In 2019 you can drink your candy bars, eat your feelings, and sip wine from what is essentially a juice box for adults.

High Key Wine, a revolutionary new product, comes in a serving-size pouch and has a built-in straw.

The mission of High Key Wine Co. is to create great wine in innovative packaging that speaks to our valued customers," the website boasts. "We all remember the good things we've enjoyed out of a pouch, like juice and applesauce. Why not wine? High Key Wine is our answer. Now you can take your favorite variety with you no matter where you go!"

As fun as the Capri Sun-esque design is, it's also super practical: You can taken the pouches anywhere glass bottles aren't allowed.

The best part? The packets are lightweight and super packable: Apparently, 20 packets of the sustainable packaging flatten into about the same size as a bottle of wine.

High Key comes in three perfect-for-summer varieties: Sweet White, Semi-Sweet Rose, and Dry Rose.

You can order High Key in packs of 6 for about $20 here.

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