7 Amazing Cookies That Blow Up on Social Media

The internet loves these cookies.

Allrecipes fans cannot get enough of these sweet cookie treats when the way popular recipes hit our Facebook page, Insta or Pinterest. Take a look and see if you don't start craving one or all.

1) Lemon Cream Cheese Bars have been liked and shared by tens of thousands on Facebook and re-pinned nearly 2 million times. Quick tip: Bake the bottom layer a bit before assembling for a crisp crust all around.

Lemon Cream Cheese Bars
Photo by lutzflcat.

2) No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars are perfection for summer cookouts. Six ingredients, 30 minutes prep time. So satisfying. These babies have been reviewed more than 700 times, getting 4.5 stars.

No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars
Photo by SavedByGrace.

3) Tina's Shortbread Chocolate Chips combines the buttery goodness of that classic cookie and the bittersweet goodness of semisweet chocolate chips that make people sound like Homer Simpson, drooling. They were created as a Christmas cookie, but there's no need to wait until December.

4) Are they really brownies if they're not brown? People have very strong opinions on both sides of the Lemon Brownie controversy that rages on every time this recipe appears on FB. Nobody's going to argue that they're not flat-out delish.

Lemon Brownies
Photo by Marianne.

5) Peanut butter and chocolate, hmmm, where have we heard that before? These Peanut Butter Bars get their cookie cred by mixing in some graham crackers. Genius. And, about a billion pins proves it.

side view of a stack of two-layer bars with a peanut butter layer topped with chocolate

6) Lemon Cheesecake Bars are so luscious and creamy, they just might require a fork. Cookies are the ultimate finger food, people! Pick these squares up and shove 'em in your pie hole. Pretty darned good, right? Pretty, as in re-pinned 129,000 times!

7) Good things happen when cooks get creative about using leftover caramels in this salt-spiked chocolate chip. Use sea salt for the ultimate crunch.

1595721 salted caramel chocolate chip cookies photo by andreakrieger
Photo by andreakrieger.

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