It's pretty bold to come up with a recipe and call it the Best Ever, but that's exactly what some talented cooks in our community have done. And, no huge surprise, the reviews back up this Best Ever label. Here's 5 of the top-rated Best Ever chicken recipes you're definitely going to want to make.

This is a wildly popular mashup of made-from-scratch broth made using a whole chicken, plus noodle soup mix, canned broth and bouillon cubes for extra flavor. Among the more than 200 rave reviews: "No, this is not your mother's chicken soup. It is much, much better."

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Photo by KGora

Who needs a trip to Mickey D's when you can DIY? These golden gems received an average 4.5 stars from nearly 200 reviewers, many clucking about the crispy crunch delivered in each bite.

Baked Chicken Nuggets
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The secret to this winning version of everybody's favorite summer salad? A combination of dressings -- ranch, plus slaw dressing -- add up to a salad that's got a subtle note of sweetness. Serve on toast or, go Old School and break out the saltines.

Chicken Salad
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Sour cream and cornflakes might sound like a kooky combo, but it makes a breading that also keeps the meat extra juicy. Nearly 400 reviews weigh in with 3.5 stars on this main dish. Loads of cooks serve up their interesting variations from swapping out sour cream and using yogurt to adding soy sauce for extra flavor. So, maybe there is room for improvement even when something's the Best Ever!

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This tequila-spiked bird might not have quite as many reviews as the previous recipes, but more than 60 cooks rate this one 4.5 stars, one beginner noting "this was super easy and really tasty!"

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