The puking pumpkin is possibly the best party gag of all time, with colorful dips exploding from a gaping mouth of a cleverly carved Jack O'Lantern. Videos of this wickedly fun twist on the traditional Halloween centerpiece started popping up on nearly 10 years ago, though no one person is credited with dreaming up this nightmare. (If it's you, here's a big, skeleton bony HIGH FIVE!)

650 x 465 puking pumpkin by leslie kelly
Pumpkins carved by Jeff Cummings. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Guac's on Top

Scroll through the endless images on Pinterest and #pukingpumpkin on Instagram and it's pretty obvious that guacamole is the top choice for puking pumpkins. Whether it's classic, extra chunky, or protein-packed with edamame the avocado dip looks ultra-gross, and that's a good thing. Homemade corn tortillas are always appreciated, or stick with seasonal orange and dig into that disgusting dip with Spicy Sweet Potato Chips.

Spewing Spinach

Without going into too many queasy details, texture is essential in scoring admiring groans on the puking pumpkin landscape. Go for the Best Spinach Dip Ever or mix it up, tossing in some artiCHOKE. Killer Crackers on the side are essential.

Ewww, Beans!

This chunky lineup is an awesome candidate for the extra dramatic presentation possibilities. Take the Tex Mex Black Bean Dip and pour it through the top of your puking pumpkin. Ewwww, times two. More bean-y options: Spicy Bean Salsa, Black Bean and Feta Cheese Ugly Dip and Easy Black Bean Hummus.


We can't talk about Halloween and pumpkins without doing a deep dive into Fluff. That's the crazy popular pumpkin pudding dip that's beloved because it's ridiculously easy to put together. Nobody's going to beef if you want to pretty up this variation of pumpkin puke by sprinkling some Candy Corn on top. Scoop it all up with graham crackers.