We love lasagna, especially during comfort food casserole season. That big old crush grew deeper when I stumbled on a stash of deliciously different lasagna recipes on the site. These non-traditional takes on the layered pasta dish stretch the very definition, but we'll buy into the remakes if it means satisfyingly cheesy — or sweet — bites.

Velveeta! That's the secret to this ultra-gooey lasagna casserole that combines classics. Molten Queso dip, chili and oven-ready sheets of pasta are layers and baked until the lasagna turns golden on top, about 45 minutes. Even doubters of that magical melt-y power of the popular processed cheese will turn into fans after one bite of this way tasty mashup, promise.

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Using the traditional cornmeal from Italy as the foundation for the stacked up supper makes for a heartier main course. Fortunately, prepared polenta is widely available these days, making this one easy to assemble. If you're a vegetarian, skip the meat and add sauteed mushrooms on top.

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Who needs pasta when there's zucchini? This version scores bonus points for being gluten-free, and at less than 300 calories a serving, it's a lot lighter than most lasagna preparations.

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Call this a "deconstructed" lasagna, with all the usual ingredients going into one pot. Dinner is served in under an hour, including prep time. There's also a wheat-free variation.

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No campfire? No problem! This layered dessert isn't exactly like last summer's great outdoor experience, but it still tastes pretty darned delicious. And, it's a blast to sit around and share.

s'mores lasagna with marshmallows
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