A Friday night in. I'm not going to lie—it's one of my favorite things ever. There's plenty of time on Saturday night to go out and be with all the people; Friday nights are about keeping it mellow. So, whether it's an evening binge watch, a board game fest, or a much needed block of time with that book that you've been dying to finish—and whether it's just you or you're hangin' with your people—below are some go-to recipes that make staying in delicious.

To Drink

Cheers to the weekend! Whatever your poison, there's surely something in this list that'll inspire you to raise a glass.

closeup of two margaritas in fiesta glasses with salted rims and lime garnish
Beer Margaritas | Image by Sherri.
| Credit: Sherri

Mains Worth Staying In For

Whether you want to go super simple with a big ole pile of nachos (nachos can be a meal—I've tried it; it works), get creative with homemade sushi, or try something somewhere in between, we've got you covered.

Brick-Oven Pizza (Brooklyn Style) | Image by CDM68.

Something Sweet

You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars are always a crowd pleaser, and the ice cream recipe below is a blank slate for whipping up your own creation. Make enough for seconds!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies | Image by LilSnoo.

Second Wind Sustenance

If you keep saying, "just one more (episode, game, or page)" for long enough, you're going to get hungry. You'd best plan ahead with one of these snacks.

Pesto Chips | Photo by AR Cally.
| Credit: AR Cally