By Karen Gaudette Brewer
March 12, 2015

With cauliflower hogging the spotlight, cabbage has become an unsung hero of the produce department, despite its supporting roles in cuisines around the globe. Green, red, savoy, and Napa cabbage shine especially bright in these eight paleo-friendly recipes due to the focus on fresh ingredients, seasonings, and cooking technique.

1. Avocado Slaw

This slaw dares you not to smile. And how can you not: just look at all those refreshing, energizing ingredients. Two colors of cabbage lends a signature crunch.

Photo by bd.weld

2. Polish Cabbage Rolls

Blogger Julie of The Crankin' Kitchen does her Polish grandmother proud with these hearty pouches of goodness. All cabbage should be so lucky as to bathe in the mushroom sauce she adds after they're hot from the oven.

Photo via Cranking Kitchen

3. Roasted Cabbage

Sweet and comforting, and ready to season to your liking. If your version of paleo nixes olive oil, substitute coconut oil.

Photo by Christina

4. Vietnamese Inspired Chicken and Cabbage Salad

This refreshing, crunchy salad from The Urban Poser calls for savoy cabbage, a sweet, tender and crinkly variety. Can't find it? Try Napa cabbage. Blogger Jenni recommends that you choose a fish sauce that is from the first pressing, with no added fillers, colors, or chemicals to keep with the spirit of paleo.

Photo via The Urban Poser

5. Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Onion, and Garlic

Amazing alongside pork chops or just on its own, hot from the skillet. A Southern-style classic.

Photo by Lyn

6. Barbecued Cabbage

So delicious, and so fun, wrapped in foil like a present from the grill. But shoot: can soy sauce possibly be paleo? Check out this philosophical piece from Paleo Living Magazine.

Photo by bd.weld

7. Ethiopian Cabbage Dish

Hearty and satisfying, even at breakfast. #Protip: Do not add liquid, as the cabbage and potatoes release enough moisture on their own. If you're strict about skipping white potatoes in all instances, replace 'em with sweet potatoes and stay on track. Read more about THAT controversy here.

Photo by TTV78

8. Curry-Braised Kale and Cabbage

Kale for people who don't like kale...naturally, cabbage comes to its rescue, sharing its sweet vibe. Cookbook author and blogger Sarah of The Paleo Mom recommends this dish as a side for roast pork or Indian-inspired cuisine.

Photo via The Paleo Mom

Cabbage #Protip: My mom taught me to select cabbage that weighs more than it seems it should—it typically means a more dense head of cabbage, easier to slice thin for stir-fries, salads, and slaws, but with abundant leaves if you're preparing cabbage rolls.

Happy cooking!