The days between Thanksgiving and the December holidays can be tough. First it's days upon days of leftover turkey and stuffing while you search for tempting cookie recipes. After that, you try to eat healthy, knowing the glut of sweet treats will soon be all around you (especially at Allrecipes!), but you cave; you can't resist the pull of a festive gingerbread house and little gingerbread people to have as snacks. If you're anything like me, that's exactly how last week went.

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The cookie search is on, and the holidays aren't complete without a gingerbread house. Our new Easy Gingerbread House recipe caught your eye and made it the hottest new recipe. Why not give it a try and upload a photo? We can't wait to see the festive scenes you put together!

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Kitt's Oven-Roasted Zucchini Photo by House of Aqua

The Most-Saved Recipe

This recipe received the biggest bump in saves last week. It looks like the best Thanksgiving rebound recipe to me. You don't mind if I invite myself over for dinner, do you?

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