Prime rib is serious business -- especially over the holidays. If you choose the wrong recipe, Aunt Edna will give you some serious side eye. Chef John's prime rib recipe garnered a lot of your attention last week - with more than 598,000 views! Beloved by thousands of home cooks - you'll want to try it one of these chilly Sunday evenings. Bon appétit!


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Our epic mountain of data revealed a few other noteworthy cooking trends. These winter classics are perfect for the frigid days ahead. If your resolution is to keep warm this winter, chicken and dumplings and hot cocoa will definitely help you achieve your goal. This chicken and dumplings recipe was saved by nearly 7,300 home cooks last week alone!

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Your favorite new recipes over the holidays added a little wholesomeness to the standard indulgent fare. Perhaps a jump start on those healthful resolutions?

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After all the partying, you're usually left with two things: Dirty dishes and leftover food. While Allrecipes can't help with the dishes, we're all too happy to offer leftover inspiration. I can tell from your searches that you took full advantage of this!

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