By Vicky McDonald

If you're on the fence about eggplants, the fairy tale might just change your mind. This enchanting miniature variety is smaller, sweeter, and creamier than regular Italian eggplants. Most cooks don't even bother salting these eggplants in advance, because they are naturally less bitter than the larger varieties. It looks a treat with its beautiful mottled purple stripes on the outside and because of its size, it cooks quickly, and becomes tender after just a few minutes of cooking. Add a few slices of these grilled eggplants to your salad and it will instantly look a lot fancier. This eggplant is just right -- it's easy to cook with, it's sweet and creamy, and of course its incredibly cute.

Where to get them?

Your local farmers market should have them in the summer months, and you can sometimes pick them up Trader Joe's and Wholefoods. You can also grow them yourself -- they do really well in containers, so they're perfect for decks or sunny balcony's. You can buy the seeds from Burpee, Johnny's Selected Seeds and even Amazon.

Photo by Meredith

What to cook with them?

You can simply grill them and serve them with a salad like this Instagram poster.

Or you can use them in any recipe that calls for an eggplant.

Here are some delicious ideas:

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