TikTok Taught Me: The Easiest Way to Slice Eggs for Deviled Eggs

You'll never have to scoop egg yolks again with this hack!

The yolk of a hard-boiled egg being scooped out of the white and place in a bowl with hard boiled egg halves scattered on the counter.
Photo: Dotdash Meredith

Planning to make a big batch of deviled eggs for your holiday gatherings? You're going to want to try this viral TikTok hack that will save you so much time.

Deviled eggs are a crowd-pleasing favorite and we love that you can make them ahead for a tray full of ready-to-go appetizers when the party is about to start. And good thing because all that egg peeling, cutting, and yolk-scooping takes a lot of time. Until now.

A recent TikTok video racked up more than 26 million views with a method for cutting hard-boiled eggs in half that takes a few seconds, allows the yolk to drop out, and leaves the knife clean and ready to continue to slice the rest of the dozen.

This slicing method demonstrated by Andrea VanDerwerker is similar to how you would approach a fruit with a pit in it. But you only use one hand! No safety issues of holding the egg with one hand and slicing with a knife in the other one.

The cooked egg is placed on a cutting board and while placing gentle pressure on the knife, you roll the knife on the egg around the yolk. As the knife rolls around the circumference of the egg, it cuts the white without cutting the yolk (kind of like how you cut an avocado away from its pit), leaving it in tact and allowing it to gracefully, and cleanly, fall away from the white.

The result is two halves of an egg with hollow cavities ready for filling, along with the separated yolks that are ready to be turned into that filling—no scooping required!

The viewer comments range from, "I went to culinary school and they didn't teach me this?" to "This is going to come in handy!"

This deviled egg prep tip is a real game changer for your next party platter!

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