This Is the Cheapest Place To Buy Eggs Right Now

Does the best deal come from club stores, discount stores, or straight from the farmer? We found out.

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If you've been to the grocery store this month, then you've likely seen the price of eggs skyrocketing. While finding eggs has gotten easier over the past few weeks, the price is still a pain point for many shoppers.

Some of your local grocery stores may have a sign explaining the sharp (and hopefully temporary) increase in egg prices. If they don't, the reason for the increasing prices has to do with both overall inflation and an egg shortage caused by 2022's bird flu. The bird flu wiped out a huge population of egg-laying chickens, so stores are responding by raising prices.

There is a silver lining, however, as a spokesperson for the American Egg Board told Allrecipes on January 14 that, "isolated shortages are being swiftly corrected."

Obviously, this doesn't help your wallet right now if you're looking to buy the protein. That's why we priced out eggs at 12 different stores to determine which one has the cheapest eggs. From traditional grocery stores like Walmart and Kroger, and club stores like Sam's and Costco, to discount stores like Aldi and Dollar General, and local farm stands, these are the shops with the cheapest egg prices.

What Store Has the Cheapest Eggs Right Now?

We priced the eggs based on retailer sites at stores around the Pittsburgh area on January 25.

Cheapest Option: Dollar General at $2.50/dozen
Second Cheapest Option: Local farmers via the Farmish app at $3.00/dozen
Third Cheapest Option: Whole Foods at $3.69/dozen

How Do Other Stores' Egg Prices Stack Up?

  • Walmart: $3.78/dozen
  • Target: $3.89/dozen
  • Costco: $4.04/dozen
  • Aldi: $4.05/dozen
  • Sam's Club: $4.08/dozen
  • Kroger: $4.49/dozen
  • Trader Joe's: $4.99/dozen
  • Publix: $5.41/dozen
  • BJ's Wholesale Club: $5.59/dozen

The Bottom Line

While you might not think of your local dollar store as the best place to stock up on groceries, it is the most cost-effective option for eggs right now. The only downside is that Dollar Tree and Family Dollar do not sell eggs, so you'll only be able to score this cheap deal at Dollar General.

The Farmish app is a great option if you want to buy directly from local farmers, as it serves as a middle man to connect you with local producers. Even if you live in an urban area, you may still be able to find farm fresh eggs near you. You'd be surprised at how many listings are actually in large cities.

Because Whole Foods sells a lot of organic and health-focused foods, it can get a bad rap for having high prices. So it might come as a shock that they are the third cheapest option for eggs. While the store does have pricier egg options, if you shop its private label, 365 brand, you'll get the best deals.

Note: prices may vary from store-to-store and state-to-state, so check your local listings for the most accurate price.

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