The Boozy Cake Recipe That Will Save You $1,000

This cake, man. There's something intoxicating about it. Literally.

The first time I had rum cake was in the Cayman Islands, where being a tourist is not cheap. Add up airfare, hotels, or the cost of a cruise, and you're well into $1,000. Oh, you'd like to eat and drink? That'll be extra.

149608 rum cake photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger
Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger.

So how can this one cake save you at least $1,000 dollars? Stay home and make it yourself.

I saw so many tourists walking back to their hotel or cruise ship — a box of hermetically sealed rum cake tucked under their arm to bring home. I was hesitant to even try this cake while on Grand Cayman. Something about the idea of wet boxed cake wasn't speaking to me.

My frugal side said skip the cake, it was about $30 for a box. (I did have a fresh slice at a local restaurant there, though, and it was delicious.)

When I got home, I made a rum cake. Here's the recipe:

Golden Rum Cake

This version calls for packaged yellow cake mix and a package of instant vanilla pudding mix. Swap out the vanilla for chocolate cake mix and pudding mix to make a chocolate rum cake instead of golden.

Tip: An easy way to glaze your cake is to pour half of the glaze into the Bundt pan, reinsert the cake, poke holes in it with a wooden skewer, then pour the rest of glaze over the bottom of the cake. Let it absorb until you plan on serving it, then invert onto a platter. Tightly covered, this cake will be good for up to five days. (If it lasts that long!)

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