The Best Dips to Pair With Your Favorite Chicken Wings

Win every game day party with these seven perfect pairings.

A chicken wing next to four different dips
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With entertaining season in high gear, it's time to go deep on everyone's favorite party platter hero: chicken wings. And while wings in and of themselves are a pretty perfect food, there is something about a little dunk in a delicious dip that takes them to the next level. But which dips are best for which styles of wings? Fear not: We've got seven wing-dip pairings (and recipes!) for your favorite styles, from Buffalo to teriyaki. See you on the sofa!

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Best for Buffalo Wings: Blue Cheese Dressing

These saucy, spicy wings— which originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and attained iconic status nationwide—have one dip, and that is blue cheese dressing. This is about contrasts: The creamy, tangy dressing offsets the buttery heat of the Buffalo sauce, and the cheese serves to tame the spice so that you can keep on eating. (The traditional celery stick accompaniment doesn't hate a little dunk either.)

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Best for Honey Sriracha Wings: Tahini Dressing

Sweet heat is the name of the game with many Asian-inspired wing sauces, like these Honey Sriracha wings. As in this recipe, toasted sesame seeds as a garnish are a built-in counterpoint of nutty, earthy flavor to the spicy, sweet honey sriracha sauce. That flavor profile makes tahini sauce the perfect dipping partner: Its trademark sesame paste ups the nutty umami factor, while lemon brightens the bite and yogurt cools the heat.

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Best for Garlic Parmesan Wings: Marinara Sauce

These Italian-inspired wings, full of rich herbs and spices and zesty with garlic, are essentially chicken Parmesan for your fingers. So, what better dip for them than a great marinara sauce? A tomato sauce underscores all that classic Italian flavor, while adding that bit of sweetness to balance the garlic.

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Jerk Chicken Wings

Best for Jerk Chicken Wings: Cucumber Mango Salsa

These Caribbean-style wings are packed with warming spices, serious heat from habanero peppers, and the brightness of fresh lime. They cry out for a sweet, cooling dunk that leans into the tropical heritage of the jerk seasoning. Mango salsa is a great choice here. We like versions that are inspired by the salsas of the islands, like this version with cucumber.

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Teriyaki Chicken Wings
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Best for Teriyaki Chicken Wings: Edamame Hummus

Japanese-style teriyaki wings have that terrific salty-sweet glaze that makes them absolutely delicious. And while they are obviously delectable all on their own, they can be improved with a little extra garnish. We love balancing the flavors of these savory wings with a surprising edamame hummus. This creamy green dip includes cilantro, which brings even more verdant intensity to the party.

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Best for Fried Chicken Wings: Korean BBQ Sauce

Fried chicken wings are classic for a reason: They are always amazing. That crispy exterior and juicy interior delivers all the benefits of fried chicken in a tasty little package. And while barbecue sauce is a traditional dipper for fried chicken wings and your favorite bottled sauce will work wonders, a Korean-style barbecue sauce with notes of soy, ginger, and sesame is really going to amp up the flavor. Think of it this way: Korean-style chicken wings are fried first and then dunked in sauce, so this pairing is meant to be!

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Best for Barbecue Chicken Wings: Ranch Dressing

Whether your BBQ wings are made with a spicy rub, sauced, smoked over hardwood, or baked, one thing is for sure. If you are going to dunk a BBQ wing, there is only one way to go: ranch. Sure, that bottled stuff will work great, but if you're hosting friends, think about making your own—because homemade ranch dressing is a thing of beauty, and well worth that extra 15 minutes of prep.

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