As it turns out, you may have more kitchen cabinet space than you ever realized.

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Allrecipes Kitchen Organization Challenge Cabinets

So here we are, at the final day of The Allrecipes x Pinch of Help Kitchen Organization Challenge… As they say, all good things must come to an end. The good news is, just because our week-long challenge is coming to a close doesn't mean your organization journey is finished. Oh no, see, you can take the organizational principles we've adopted throughout this week and apply them over and over again — not just in the kitchen, but anywhere in your home. 

Even more good news: We're wrapping up with an extremely useful concept that you can carry with you to every new kitchen you come to occupy. Today, we're talking cabinet space in general — and how to most effectively utilize it. 

Some readers may be fortunate enough to have expansive kitchen cabinet space, others may be working with tighter quarters. Either way, you can likely benefit here. Because in my experience, many (if not most) of us tend to max out the space that we have, regardless of how much or minimal it is. Basically, if you've ever wondered WHY there are so many reusable water bottles and/or insulated travel mugs stuffed into various cabinets throughout the kitchen, Brittani Allen — the brilliance and wisdom behind this entire challenge, as well as the CEO and founder of Atlanta-based home organization firm, Pinch of Help — has insight for you.

How to Make the Absolute Most of Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Time Required: 1-2 hours
Helpful Tools:

Maximize Your Vertical Space.

One of the savviest organizational moves you can make in the kitchen is embracing creative ways to actually fill the ample open space afforded by tall cabinets. "The one thing we look to do consistently in cabinets is maximize the vertical space," Brittani says. "This can be accomplished by adjusting your shelves and using products that stack — like water bottle holders, or stackable shelves to utilize vertical space for your cups and plates." Below, Brittani has spotlighted some of her favorite products that make this a breeze. 

As Always, Consolidate Where You Can.

If there is anything we can all take away from this week, it's that we probably have a lot more "stuff" in our kitchens than we need, or even want. As you make your way through your cabinets, just keep paring it down; you should be a pro by now!

"Take the time to edit your coffee mugs and water bottles down to the few you actually use and love," Brittani says. "Take inventory of any mismatched sets of bowls, cups, and glasses. If you want, buy a new complete set."

Don't Hesitate to Refer to Previous Days' Challenges!

We have covered a lot of ground over the last seven days (seriously, pat yourself on the back for just sticking around), and organizational tricks you leveraged to address one trouble spot in the kitchen can very well be applied to other areas. Consider these tactics among the most versatile tools in your homemaking toolkit. You can reach for them whenever they seem right for the job at hand.

"If your oils or spices are in the cabinet, use a lazy susan to categorize and organize them (as we did for the pantry)," Brittani says. "If you store your Tupperware or food storage containers in your cabinets see Day Two's challenge!" 

Brittani's Product Picks:

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One final thing to keep in mind when it comes to creating serviceable, as well as beautiful, storage spaces in your home: It's always A-OK to ask for help. If you don't feel entirely up to tackling a kitchen organization project that's important to you on your own, never hesitate to enlist an expert. That's why professional organizers are at the ready, and it's exactly why Brittani founded Pinch of Help — I mean, it's right there in the company's name. Brittani and her team understand what it's like to need that helping hand, and they've perfected the art of lending it.