By Vanessa Greaves
May 26, 2016

Each month, millions of home cooks tune in to watch and learn how to cook up something good from Allrecipes. Here's a countdown of what viewers were hungriest to see in May.

Top 5 Recipe Videos for May 2016

This old-fashioned diner favorite captured the attention of 10,000+ viewers. Maybe meatloaf is having a moment?

Could be because the weather's warming up, but nearly 13,000 rib-hungry people wanted to see how to make spice-rubbed, baby back ribs on the grill.

Sink your teeth into more baby back rib recipes.

When John Chandler submitted this homemade lasagna recipe back in 2001, he named it "World's Best" as kind of a joke. But if he had a dollar for every time it's been made, reviewed, and photographed...let's just say he'd have a lot of dollars. Add a dollar for each time nearly 13,000 people watched the recipe video just this month? It adds up to a lot of win.

Explore a world of lasagna recipes.

When only the best will do, 22,000 meat-lovers tuned in to see how to upgrade their steaks with a flavor-packed soak.

Dip into marinade recipes for beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables.

Taking the top spot in May with 35,000+ views, this deceptively simple chicken recipe uses only two ingredients. And one of them is chicken. As a bonus, Chef John shows you how to make a buttery lemon/thyme sauce to finish off the dish. And as usual, you're going to learn a whole lot about roasting chicken as you watch the video. Because that's how Chef John rolls.