This Thanksgiving Placemat Craft Is The Perfect Parenting Hack

Keep kids busy and engaged during Thanksgiving dinner with this fun, interactive placemat that also serves as a reminder of the reason for the season.

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I'm thankful placemat
Photo: Courtesy of Chelsea Coulston

Chelsea Coulston, the military spouse and creator behind Making Home Base, a DIY blog that encourages decor representative of personal taste, not the space, shared the perfect parenting hack to keep kids busy and engaged this Thanksgiving — a DIY Thanksgiving placemat craft that also serves as a reminder of the reason for the season.

"This super easy interactive placemat requires just a few things, and you can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like," the mom-of-two told Allrecipes.

To recreate these Thanksgiving placemats for the entire month of November, or in time for the big meal, gather the necessary supplies in advance to avoid any potential shipping delays.

A Thanksgiving Placemat Craft for Kids

Coulston explains how to bring this easy craft to life:



1. First, cut white butcher paper to approximately 12 inches x 18 inches.

2. In marker, write "I'm thankful for..." or "I'm grateful for...", or any other desired message at the top of the placemat. "You can also draw leaves or pumpkins for the children to color, or simply leave the paper blank and allow them to be creative," Coulston said.

3. Using washi tape, secure two or three crayons to the paper, or you can bundle three to four crayons with some ribbon.

"This activity is perfect going into Thanksgiving, because it gives our family an opportunity to reflect on all that we are grateful for," Coulston shared. "It's very heartwarming as a mother to watch my daughter write out things like 'my sister' and 'my family.' It's so so sweet! And although my youngest cannot yet write, she loves using the placemats to draw pictures of things she's thankful for like a family portrait which is just darling."

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