By Carl Hanson

Choose your adventure! From traditional to trendy to downright adventurous, find the right recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner. Mix and match the old with the new until you've created the perfect Thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving Turkey

It's the centerpiece of the holiday feast. Go traditional or spread your wings and try something new with these top-rated recipes.

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CLASSIC: Perfect Turkey

NEW CLASSIC: DIY Turkey Confit

Thanksgiving Stuffing

In some families, stuffing is practically a religion! Put your stamp on the classic with new takes on the traditional.

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Thanksgiving Potatoes

Everyone's favorite comfort food is just right – or explore delicious new classic options.

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Dare to share these smoky-sweet sides – or stick with tradition and get Grandma's fave just right.

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Thanksgiving Breads

Plan to double these recipes. You'll want plenty on hand to eat all Thanksgiving weekend.

Rosemary Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls | Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

NEW CLASSIC: Hot Onion Pinwheels

Turkey Trimmings

Make-ahead gravy puts a new spin on classic gravy. Bright color and big flavor are what these playful takes on cranberry sauce are all about.

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NEW CLASSIC: Cranberry Salsa

Thanksgiving Desserts

From traditional pumpkin to a truly decadent apple pie, we've got your sweet spot covered.

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CLASSIC: Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Drinks

There's more to a perfect feast than the food! Here are wine pairing suggestions and other drink ideas for toasting the feast in style.

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NEW CLASSIC: Cider Recipes

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