By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Now that we're closing in on the main event, it's time to scope out the kitchen and dining room and consider how you'll record this feast for posterity.

Back in the 80s (when touchtone phones seemed awfully smart), I snapped 3x5s of Thanksgiving and other favorite food holidays with my little Kodak. My parents took and shook Polaroids. Way back in the day (say, 17,000 years ago) folks painted caves, which some researchers and art historians theorize were celebrations of hunting success.

Lascaux Cave Hunting

Artists kept at it as human history crept forward...all the way to the era of Instagram, where 60 million photos are uploaded daily (#Protip: tag yours with #MyAllrecipes to share your feast with even more avid cooking fans).

Raise your hand if you're that crazy family member who MUST stand on a chair, shift the candles, or open the blinds to get that perfect shot before the eating begins. The next time someone picks a fight over your incessant need to photograph dinner, tell them you're simply carrying on the ancient, proud tradition of celebrating food in all its nourishment and beauty—but with a smartphone rather than ochre paints. You're keeping good company, after all:

Be sure to eat a second slice of pumpkin pie for us. Might we suggest this beauty? With a dollop of this on top.

Photo by Allrecipes Staff

Happy Thanksgiving!