Good news for wine and coffee drinkers, a diet that might improve your sex life, and a quiz to test your food-label savvy top our list of hot food news this week.

1) The good news about coffee? A new study in Science says coffee and wine are good for the gut, contributing to the diversity of our gut microbes.


On the darker side: Harvard Public Health looks into the possible health risk of drinking unfiltered (French press) coffee.

3) Are you a savvy grocery shopper? The New York Times has a quiz to test your supermarket smarts.

4) Food fight! From soda taxes to GMO labeling, Grist looks at the biggest debates in American food policy.


As a result of studying contestants after they appeared on "The Biggest Loser," science has gained insight into why so many people struggle to keep weight off after initially losing it.

6) Meanwhile, a Harvard analysis indicates that when it comes to long-term weight loss low-fat diets don't work any better than higher-fat diets.

7) In other dieting news, TIME Health reports that the fasting diet may improve your mood, your sleeping patterns, and sex life.

8) Do cultural attitudes about wine contribute to problem drinking? According to a World Health Organization report on alcohol, the lowest risk for problem drinking is in countries where it's standard to drink wine with meals.

9) A study indicates that Neanderthals weren't terribly picky eaters. In a fluctuating climate, they ate whatever they could get their hands on. Early humans, on the other hand, stuck to a more consistent diet.

10) An analysis of large-scale studies found higher all-cause mortality for people who eat meat on a daily basis, particularly red or processed meats.

Take the weekly health quiz from The New York Times.

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