Got a family member who's gluten-free? Not to worry -- our list of tasty gluten-free treats like cookies, cupcakes, crispy rice treats, banana bread, blueberry muffins, and more has you covered. Best of all, they're delicious enough for everyone to enjoy, whether they're gluten-free or not.

Top Gluten-Free Treats

1. Peanut Butter Nutella Pie Cookies

These decadent peanut butter and Nutella pie cookies are so simple to make. They're also completely flourless, perfect for the gluten-free foodie in the family.

Photo by lutzflcat

2. Almond Flour Brownies

Brownies are easily adapted to be gluten-free; this recipe calls for protein-packed (and delicious!) almond flour rather than all-purpose white flour.

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

3. Chocolate Air Cookies with Chocolate Chips

Light and airy chocolate cookies studded with chocolate chips --what could be nicer? One reviewer described these little goodies as having the "texture of eating a cloud of chocolate."

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

4. Gluten-Free Yellow Cake

Try this recipe as cupcakes (shown) or bake it in a 9-inch round, frost with your preferred frosting or layer with whipped cream and fruit. It also makes an ideal birthday cake.

Photo by Dianne

5. Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cake

A variety of gluten-free flours- brown rice, coconut, and sorghum--are combined to make a deeply red, deeply satisfying take on red velvet cake.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

6. Gluten-Free Lemon Cupcakes

Bright and punchy with loads of lemon juice, "these gluten-free lemon cupcakes come out tasting better than if they were made with regular flour."

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

7. Gluten-Free Banana Bread

The perfect morning snack, wholesome banana bread gets updated to be gluten-free. This recipe also happens to be refined sugar-free.

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

8. Blueberry Muffins

Another morning treat that is refined sugar-free as well as gluten-free, this recipe for tender blueberry muffins is filled with good-for-you ingredients like almond flour, chia and flax seeds, and banana.

Photo by Nuffa50

9. Gluten-Free Donuts

... but if you're in the mood for something a little less virtuous, try these fluffy gluten-free donuts are sure to put a smile on the faces gathered around the breakfast table.

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

10. Pignoli Cookies

With just five ingredients, gluten-free bliss is achieved in this traditional Italian recipe for naturally flour-free, pine nut studded cookies.

Photo by linda ch

11. Quick Peanut Butter Cookies

Who doesn't love a peanut butter cookie?! Another recipe that's easily adapted to be flourless, this recipe comes together in less than an hour and is composed of just a few pantry ingredients.

Photo by Kitchen Queen

12. Salted Caramel Marshmallow Crispy Treats

Use gluten-free rice cereal to make this classic, family-friendly treat.

Photo by ReneePaj