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There's a reason it's called a getaway

By Karyn Spencer

Every so often, we all need a change of scenery, a taste of something new. And nothing beats a summer road trip. Whether you take a long weekend with someone special, a few days with friends, or a week or two to unwind with the fam, we've got a drive for you. Four, actually! Each features a distinctly delicious slice of America. So pack up the family truckster, rent a convertible or an RV, or pile into that cute VW bus and hit the road. Something beautiful and tasty awaits.

To get a road map, must-see highlights, and recipes to try for every region, please click on the road trips below:

Taste of America Road Trip: West Coast

The craggy coastline where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean makes for dramatic views on this central California drive. Get the road trip.

Bacon Avocado Salad | Photo by: Kim Cornelison

Taste of America Road Trip: Midwest

Whether you view it from sandy beaches or wooded overlooks, a breathtaking expanse of blue water is the centerpiece of this loop around Lake Michigan, the only Great Lake completely inside America's borders. Get the road trip.

Strawberry Shortcake | Photo by: Kim Cornelison

Taste of America Road Trip: South

With its spectacular mountain views and rushing waterfalls, the Blue Ridge Parkway is justifiably one of America's favorite drives. Get the road trip.

Best Fried Green Tomatoes | Photo by: Kim Cornelison

Taste of America Road Trip: Northeast

Historic lighthouses, fresh seafood, and picturesque marinas dot the coastline of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Get the road trip.

Easy Garlic-Lemon Scallops | Photo by: Kim Cornelison

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