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It's really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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Forget gingerbread and peppermint—we are loving food brands' original takes on holiday flavors this year. First Mountain Dew released the cranberry-pomegranate Merry Mash-Up of our dreams, then Starbucks took it a step further and debuted a wintery Juniper Latte.

But it's safe to say that Target's new Sugar Plum ICEE is the greatest thing to happen to Christmas since Chevy Chase.

Sugar plums are a staple of the season, but they don't really get the recognition they deserve. Until now.

"We are delighted to add this delicious and festive new flavor to our premier ICEE lineup at Target," said Natalie Peterson, Sr. Director of Marketing. "The Sugar Plum ICEE is full of holiday magic that is sure to spread holiday cheer this season. It's perfect for sipping while shopping for holiday treasures and will undoubtedly be a favorite among adults and kids alike."

ICEE boasts that the delightful pink slushie has been "taste-tested and approved by jolly St. Nick himself." I mean, we were gonna try it anyway—but who are we to argue with the man of the hour?

The frozen drinks will be available until January 31, so enjoy them while you can.

We know one thing for sure: These ICEEs will give us visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads all. dang. night.

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