Target Is Selling Hot Sauce in Flasks for the Holidays

Hot sauce in your bag? Swag.

hot sauce flasks from target
Photo: Target

The usefulness of the handy flask has surely fluctuated over the course of 2020. Back in March and April, there was no reason for us to conceal our drinking while sitting at home and sheltering in place. Then, once the summer arrived, the flask suddenly found itself coming in handy in a world where to-go beverages (legally served or otherwise) became the norm. Now that we're all likely headed back indoors for a long winter, it's probably time to put that flask away again.

Or is it? A new holiday offering from Target that transforms the flask's purpose would seem to beg the question. Maybe what we all need this winter isn't a flask full of belly-warming whiskey, but a flask made to dispense some spicy hot sauce.

Sold by Target's in-house brand Wondershop, the Holiday Flask Hot Sauce Set is a perfect gifting option for any fiends of fiery flavor. Fittingly given the fact that each sauce is packaged in a 5.9 fl oz flask, this two-pack of tastiness includes Smoky Bourbon and Whiskey Habanero flavors. I'm sure if you set your mind to it, you could certainly integrate each of these into a spicy cocktail that packs a real punch.

Beyond their portability and flavor, the fact that you're getting 11.8 ounces of hot sauce for $9.99 makes these an option for anyone on your list. It's especially perfect for any (remote) secret Santas you might have coming up, or just as a way to help a Beyoncé fan in your life literally put hot sauce in their bag.

So let it be known that the humble flask can still serve a purpose, even during Dry January. After all, the coldest time of a very strange year certainly calls for a little extra heat.

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