Slurp while you shop!

Want a seasonally colorful Icee that you can sip and slurp while you roam the aisles during a much-needed Target run? The Elf Icee at Target has you covered. It's bright green and tastes like cherry and lime, but the best part is how festive it looks with all of Target's red surroundings. (Do it for the 'gram!)

Target Elf Icee
Credit: Jamie Harrison/@jamieharrison

Found by Instagram user @jamieharrington, the Elf Icee is only available at Target stores that have a café section, so make sure yours does before thinking you can snag one during your next shopping trip. It's likely limited edition for Christmas, based on the Elf theme, yet there aren't set details as to how long it'll last. Still, if you want a tasty cold frosty drink to not warm up this winter, you should act fast and try it while it's still in stores.

People seem to really like it thus far, based on social media and Instagram feedback, so if you happen to love those two flavors and want a spirited drink, you'll be pretty pleased with the taste, too.