Grab a spoon.
three containers of talenti pumpkin pie gelato
Credit: Talenti

Pumpkin flavor is in just about every food category now, including in the ice cream aisle. For example, Talenti, the fancy gelato and sorbet company, just launched their newest pumpkin flavor, Pumpkin Pie Gelato Layers.

The new pint is a part of their Gelato Layers collection, which means the container is filled with deconstructed layers of creamy gelato and chunky toppings, sauces, and more.

In this case, the gelato is a creamy pumpkin pie flavor, made with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The layers include a brown sugar sauce and even real pieces of pie crust.

The gelato will probably be a limited seasonal run, and will be available at retailers nationwide. For ice cream-lovers who prefer a more composed gelato, Talenti also bought back their straight-up pumpkin pie flavor, which is creamy and richly spiced.

Also in the lineup of pie-inspired frozen treats, check out Talenti's Caramel Apple Pie, which has chunks of flaky pie crust, apple pieces, and a caramel swirl.

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