Take the Plunge with Our Best Seafood Brunch Recipes

Sure, loads of brunch fans are all about piles of pork -- bacon, ham and sausage -- to complete the weekend feast, but we're going to try to hook you with some super spectacular seafood dishes. These top-rated recipes are absolutely bonkers on the rich, satisfying flavors that make brunch the most indulgent meal of the week. Ready to take the plunge?

We're Big on Shrimp

Shrimp and grits has gone from being an obscure Southern creation to a mainstream America classic. Pro tip: Look for wild shrimp in the frozen seafood section of the supermarket. It's often cheaper than "fresh" and it's sustainable, too.

Getting Crabby

The succulent, sweet meat from these crusteceans is a perfect fit with eggs and cheese, as shown by these winning brunch faves.

650 x 465 2060374_original savory bacon and crab bread pudding eggs benedict photo by Ricky
Bacon and Crab Bread Pudding Eggs Benedict. Photo by Ricky.

Smokin' Hot Salmon

Lox, the salt cured salmon, is the time-honored partner for bagels and cream cheese, and while we love that match-up, let's go a little deeper on the smoked salmon brunch adventure. You'll be happy you made the journey.

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