Vanity Fair is on a mission to inspire families to #takebackthetable by eating dinner together more often.

See, the dinner table used to be the place where families gathered to share not only meals but stories. The table was the first social platform, you might say.

Today, though, we eat separately, in the car, by the sink, behind a desk, almost anywhere but together as a family at the dinner table.

Did you know teens who regularly eat dinner with their families are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol and are almost twice as likely to get A's in school?

And that's where the mission comes. Take a pledge to gather the family and eat together more often. Become an inspiration.

Vanity Fair is taking the pledge and challenges Allrecipes members to do the same. Here's how:

How To Post A Video

1.) Get your family together at the table and say you're going to eat together more often.

2.) Hold up a napkin with a family's name on it to nominate them to take the pledge.

3.) Use #takebackthetable and tag your nominated family when you share your video on social media.

Here are some Allrecipes members who've already taken the pledge:

Allrecipes Member House of Aqua and Family

Allrecipes Member Baking Nana and Family

Allrecipes Member Mis7up and Family

Allrecipes Member Diana71 and Family

Allrecipes Member Crikkitt and Family

Allrecipes Member bd.weld and Family