Taco Bell Just Launched a $1 Loaded Nacho Taco and More New Items

But is it enough to win back Mexican Pizza stans?

A whole lot of people had a bad year in 2020. So did Taco Bell. That's thanks to some controversial menu shakeups that saw the disappearance of fan favorites like the Mexican Pizza and potato-based options that wilted vegetarian enthusiasm.

Now, however, it appears that the keepers of the fourth meal aim to bounce back in 2021 with a suite of menu additions intent on winning back the trust of those who might be living a little less mas these days. And while the return of Nacho Fries will garner the lion's share of attention, there are several other new and returning menu items that are surely worth a look.

First introduced during America's last major economic downturn (a sign of the times?) the Bacon Club Chalupa is back. Featuring grilled chicken, avocado, a three-cheese blend, and your classic BLT ingredients, it's essentially a hybrid between a classic club and tasty Taco Bell fare.

Speaking of economic downturns, the budget-minded $1 Loaded Nacho Taco couldn't show up at a better time. As its name implies, it takes red tortillas strips, placing them inside a flour tortilla also filled with beef, cheddar, lettuce, and, of course, nacho cheese sauce. There are certainly less satisfying ways to spend a buck these days.

If your quest for frozen beverages cannot be deterred by cold temperatures, the Midnight Berry Freeze is for you. Basically, it combines the frozen flavor of blue raspberry with a blackberry swirl for a bold berry cold fusion that may or may not chill you to the bone.

Unfortunately, the one item that Americans probably need the most is only available outside the country— at least for now. Taco Bell's announced a Doritos Cheesy nacho, which seems like the next evolution in the Doritos Locos saga. It's a sort of Dorito-shaped quesadilla filled with beef or chicken, nacho cheese and jalapeño sauces, and, naturally, Doritos. For now, you'll find them at Taco Bell locations throughout Central America, so maybe get somebody to mail you one?

So while some beloved items are still missing, there are at least a handful of interesting alternatives that might fill that Mexican Pizza-shaped hole in your heart after all. Here's hoping, at least.

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