All Three Popcorn Flavors From Tabitha Brown's New Target Line Keep Selling Out

If you see a bag, you better stock up!

Tabitha Brown and her new popcorn flavors
Photo: Getty Images/ Allrecipes

If you frequently shop at Target or are a Tabitha Brown fan, you have probably noticed the actress's newest line of products currently being sold at Target. In the Tabitha Brown for Target collection, customers can purchase a variety of unique vegan snacks, kitchen decor, cookware, tableware, and more. However, there are three items from the collection in particular that keep disappearing from shelves.

All three popcorn flavors—Sweet and Salty, Dill Pickle, and Roasted Garlic and Parmesan—from Tabitha's collection are among the top sellers. It's selling out in so many locations that TikTok users are posting videos of themselves on the hunt for the last remaining bags.

bags of Tabitha's new popcorn flavors

Why Is Tabitha's Popcorn So Good?

Whether it's being able to partake in the classic sweet and salty combination, savor the salty, briny taste of Dill Pickle, or enjoy roasted garlic and Parmesan flavors, it's difficult to nail down why Tabitha's popcorn is so good. But, one thing is for sure, this popcorn is so delectable that it might just make you start singing. So if you see a bag at your local Target, you should probably go ahead and stock up.

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