Here for a Limited Time: Tabasco's Hottest Sauce Ever

If you're one of those people who can take the heat and then some—i.e., you can take it, like, big time—Tabasco has something new that's going to be so up your alley. And even if you're so tough you're thinking, Tabasco doesn't bring enough fire to my plate!, what do you think about Tabasco fire times twenty? Yep, their new Scorpion Sauce has twenty times the heat of the Original Red Sauce. That's hot—that's real hot.

Get it while it’s hot—literally! This limited edition Tobasco is it’s hottest ever. | Image by Tobasco.

It even has a bit of a Caribbean flavor, to boot. The recipe combines scorpion peppers with guava, pineapple, and just a hint of original Tabasco. If this all sounds like good stuff, you're going to want to jump on this quickly because it's being made in a small batch as a limited edition offering. You can only get it online at or in Avery Island, Louisiana, where Tabasco Sauce originated. Ready, set, go!

And since there's no such thing as too much heat for ya, here are some recipes you'll be pretty into: 9 of the Spiciest Recipes on Allrecipes.

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