By Vicky McDonald

Australia's favorite cookie, Tim Tams are finally available in the USA, and you need to try them. They're adored by Australians and are the perfect cookie for dunking in your tea or coffee. The chocolate just melts, and the cookie magically stays crisp. They come in different flavors - Original, Chewy Caramel, Classic Dark, and Dark Mint. The Chewy Caramel tastes like Rolo candy and chocolate cookie together in one perfect cookie bar. It's definitely going to make your coffee break a whole lot sweeter. You can get them right now at your local Walmart. Here are four more delicious sweet treats from Down Under, some you can now buy, some to make at home.

1. Tim Tams

Photo by Vicky McDonald

2. Lamingtons

Photo by mhycal

Australians really do know their stuff when it comes to yummy sweet treats. Lamingtons are a simple Aussie home-baked treat . They're little bites of sponge cake coated in chocolate and desiccated coconut and often sandwiched together with jam and cream. Now, I know you want one of those.

3. Pavlova

Photo by Blaine Moats

If you are looking to impress, you cannot go wrong with a fancy Australian Pavlova. They are actually pretty simple to make, but they taste like a giant marshmallow with a delicate crust. If you have never made a Pavlova, I strongly recommend you try it.

4. Violet Crumble

Photo by Vicky McDonald

The Violet Crumble is a very popular candy bar in Australia. The name is a little misleading though, as there is nothing violet about them apart from the color of the wrapper. They are kind of like a Butterfinger or Crunchie bar from the UK. They have a crisp honeycomb center and are covered in chocolate. They're not widely available in the US, but you can snap them up at World Market.

5. Fairy Bread

Photo by Christina

Fairy bread is another Australian phenomenon. The recipe couldn't be simpler to make, and it's a guaranteed kid party-pleaser. Those Aussies sure know how to make a sweet impression.

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