May 16, 2017

For those of you who are tea lovers, the world of tea is expansive and the varieties of teas are infinite. Whether you prefer a cup of Earl Grey with a splash of cream, English breakfast with a slice of lemon, or an iced version of Jasmine, your choices are only limited by your imagination. Tea can also be used as an ingredient, and you can infuse your favorite recipes with tea leaves. Here are 12 of our favorite recipes that use tea as a key ingredient.


We'll start off easy with a chocolate cookie recipe from our community member Know-Nothing Gourmet who says that this recipe is "an intriguing combination of Earl Grey tea and chocolate in a soft, cake-like cookie." Reviewer Jennifer is a fan, saying the cookies had "a unique flavor & people have a hard time guessing what the "secret" ingredient is." We suggest cleaning your coffee grinder before grinding the tea for this recipe and pairing it with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Chocolate Earl Grey Cookies
Photo by Julianne Garlington

Community member B. Maitreya suggests using a green tea blend that contains lemongrass for this recipe and says "a unique combination of green tea leaves, lemongrass, honey, and mint" makes these cookies "an originally fresh, yet simple treat with an Asian influence." These cookies are wonderful on their own, or spread with peppermint frosting.

Matcha is simply a powder made from finely ground tea leaves and is known for its many health benefits. Here, it is used as a fun twist on a traditional chocolate chip cookie. We suggest you experiment with the recipe, trying various amounts of matcha and sugar to suit your preference. Community member Candia-lynn Palmer reviewed the recipe, writing "I love these cookies! They kind of remind me of a green tea latte. The only thing I changed was the amount of sugar that went in to them. I only used 3/4 of a cup of brown sugar and omitted the white sugar and they turned out sweet enough."


Over 1,000 of our members tried and loved this recipe for Southern sweet tea. The secret ingredient in this recipe is a pinch of baking soda which makes this iced beverage extremely clear and prevents it from being too bitter. Serve the tea over ice with lemon and enjoy on your porch or backyard during the hot days of summer.

Smooth Sweet Tea
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Community member Mc Coy shares this quick and easy punch recipe made with fresh mint, orange and lemon juice, and tea. You can pick the variety of tea you prefer, but be assured that this punch will be "refreshingly delicious on a hot summer's day" and will go especially well paired with spicy food you might serve at a picnic or a backyard bbq. If preparing this for a party, we recommend making the punch a day ahead; the flavor will develop overnight, making this punch even better the next day. Garnish the punch with slices of fruit and mint sprigs right before serving.

This is a copycat recipe for a shake you might find at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Community member Diane Cullum who tried this recipe, commented: "Yum! Tastes like the Starbuck's drink it was created for. I've been wondering for a couple of years how to duplicate that drink and now here it is." This shake, a simple combination of vanilla ice cream, green tea, sugar, and ice, is highly customized, similar to drinks at Starbucks. Add more or less sugar, or try using matcha in place of brewed green tea for a stronger flavor. Green food coloring is entirely up to you.


Let's step aside from green tea for a moment and try these brownies made with brewed masala chai. These decadent and moist brownies happen to be dairy- and egg-free, making them a perfect treat for your vegan friends and family. While the chai flavor is subtle, our members loved this recipe so much, several have turned it into cupcakes and cakes.

Community member Tiramisuki shares this stunning recipe saying that it makes a "light and moist cake that is not too sweet and has a refreshing green tea fragrance. The matcha (green tea) powder gives it a delicate green hue too. This cake can also be baked as a sheet cake in a 9x 13 inch pan or as 2 separate round cakes in two 8 inch round pans." Reviewer Greentea can't stop raving about the cake, writing: "This cake is SO GOOD!!! It's moist and not overly sweet, and the frosting is delicious."

This is a "no-bake Japanese-style green tea cheesecake" shared with us by our community member Erika. You'll use gelatin to set the cake and whipping cream to give it its light mousse texture. Be sure to make the cake a day ahead as it needs time in the refrigerator to set up.

Green Tea Mousse Cheesecake
Photo by Erika

Frozen Treats:

This ice cream might be unlike any other you have tasted. Highly-spiced and flavored, it is made with Indian black tea and Indian blend of spices (garam masala). For extra flavor, recipe creator steeped cinnamon sticks, tea, garam masala, peppercorns, cardamom pods, anise pods, and nutmeg in the milk and cream mixture, before churning it into a creamy, sweet, frozen treat.

Orange pekoe tea is the star of this icy summer treat. It is combined with mint, lemon juice, and sugar for the base of the sorbet. We think it'll be equally as good with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Last but not least, our list could not be complete without green tea mochi ice cream. Chef John shares the recipe and video for the popular Japanese dessert, saying "I've had mochi many times in restaurants and have always been fascinated by its unique combination of taste and texture." Now with Chef John's help and instruction, you can make this dessert right at home.

Easy Mochi
Easy Mochi | Photo by liz
| Credit: liz