This Herbaceous Indian Condiment Is One of the Most-Used Ingredients In My Kitchen

Get ready to slather this spicy, fresh sauce on everything you eat.

In general, my father's refrigerator is a nightmarish space. He is the only person I know who loves to grocery shop as much as I do, and it shows in his fridge. There are always abandoned bunches of vegetables, forgotten individual cans of beers, and many, many impulsively purchased condiments, sauces, and toppings. But because he randomly purchases so many items, he occasionally stumbles across excellent products that he didn't previously know about, and he passes that knowledge down to me. And that's how I learned about Swad Coriander Chutney.

Swad is an American food brand that produces tons of pantry products for Indian cooking — items such as spices, frozen foods, flours, etc. I've tried many of their products and they're all excellent, but none are as life-changing as their coriander chutney.

cilantro chutney

Swad's coriander chutney is one of those condiments that can take any utilitarian, just-need-something-in-my-body meal and make it something you actually enjoy. It's a thick paste of cilantro, coconut, Serrano chiles, garlic and ginger. It's fridge-stable for… quite a long time, but retains a fresh, just-made flavor that wakes up anything you stir it into or dollop it on top of.

Swad Coriander Chutney

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The palate awakening flavor profile might even make you want to explore Indian cooking further — I know it did for me. I've swirled the chutney on top of long-simmered coconut milk-based chicken, and used it as a topping for rich lentil dal.

Although it is a distinctly Indian flavor profile, this coriander chutney is deliciously appropriate for much more than the wide world of Indian cooking. I've enjoyed it on otherwise plain fried eggs. (In my opinion, the most important test of any condiment is that it tastes good on eggs. This one passes with flying colors.) It's also excellent as a topping for any grain bowl, adding life to leftover roasted vegetables or grilled proteins. It would be perfect drizzled on top of a steak instead of a salsa verde or chimichurri, and I wouldn't be mad at it as an accompaniment to roast chicken either. You could even mix it with mayonnaise for an excellent flavor addition to a grilled cheese or turkey sandwich.

This is truly a back-pocket condiment that is sure to see you through both your lazy meals and ambitious cooking projects alike.

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