By Carl Hanson

We love the Instant Pot® for quick, delicious meals -- stews, soups, stroganoffs, pulled pork, short ribs, and so on. But our favorite multi-functional kitchen contraption does so much more, including a few things that might surprise you. Lasagna? Mac and cheese? Chicken pot pie? Enchiladas? Believe it, these unexpected recipes prosper in the Instant Pot. Give them a try.

1. Instant Pot® Lasagna

Lasagna in 30 minutes! "You might feel like making lasagna in a pressure cooker is crazy," says Shauna James Ahern. "Don't you need an oven for those crunchy edges? Well, trust us -- this one is well worth making. If you have a 6- or 7-inch springform pan and you kept the trivet that came with your Instant Pot®, you can make a delicious layered lasagna pie in 30 minutes. And if you want to make it ahead, prep the lasagna, put it in the freezer, then put it right into the Instant Pot® for an easy dinner."

Photo by Shauna James Ahern

2. Instant Pot® Hard-Boiled Eggs

"Use your Instant Pot® to make perfect hard-boiled eggs every time," says Eric Belk. "The amount of eggs you can cook depends on the size of your eggs--I can usually fit 16, but if your eggs are larger or smaller the amount will vary." If you chill the eggs in cold water after cooking they can easily be peeled. Soup Loving Nicole adds, "I have chickens and have tried every trick out there as far as peeling goes and none of the methods have ever worked. The IP is magic and these peeled off in one small swoop. This will absolutely be my go to recipe when it comes to hard cooked eggs. Perfect!"

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

3. Instant Pot® Meatloaf

Of course meatloaf can be made in the Instant Pot. You'll pressure-cook it for 25 minutes and then finish it off under the broiler. Cybergy says, "It's quick, easy, and delicious meatloaf made in the Instant Pot®. Made a little sweet with apple."

Photo by Cybergy

4. Instant Pot® Classic Hummus

Soft, velvety, and creamy hummus is made from scratch in the Instant Pot. "The method is perfect and so darn easy," says Buckwheat Queen. "There is no beating homemade, warm hummus. Yum. Thank you for the recipe."

Photo by Fioa

5. Instant Pot® Greek Yogurt

Maybe you didn't see this one coming. But yes, Greek-style yogurt can be made in the Instant Pot! "Try this thick, rich, and creamy Greek yogurt made with only 3 basic ingredients," says Fioa. "Making homemade yogurt in your Instant Pot is so easy!"

Photo by Fioa

6. Instant Pot® Mac and Cheese

Here's a quick-and-easy homemade macaroni and cheese recipe. Lutzflcat says it took "about 25 minutes for the liquid to cook down to a creamy mac and cheese consistency. Use a good-quality cheddar cheese (I like extra sharp), as it will make a huge difference in taste."

Photo by lutzflcat

7. Instant Pot(R) Chicken Pot Pie (Crustless and Gluten-Free)

No need to saute the chicken or onions in advance in this no-crust, gluten-free chicken pot pie. Lutzflcat added a cornstarch slurry to thicken up the sauce. "One thing I really like is that the ingredients are ones I always have on hand, so I could see this turning into a go-to recipe," lutzflcat says. If you like, serve it with noodles or over rice or biscuits.

Photo by KGora

8. Instant Pot® Ghee

"Ghee, a staple in Indian cooking, is popular for its high-smoke point and nutty, toasted flavor," says Misty Noelle. And you can make it in the Instant Pot! "The best and purest ghee is the one that is homemade from grass-fed, organic, unsalted butter. Store at room temperature or refrigerate for an extended shelf life."

Photo by Misty Noelle

9. Instant Pot® Cheesecake

Cheesecake in a pressure cooker? "You bet," says Shauna James Ahern. "A creamy cheesecake relies on beating lots of air into the batter before cooking it. It also requires steaming. When you bake a cheesecake in the oven, you also need to put a pot of hot water underneath the springform pan to ensure the top of the cheesecake does not crack. In an Instant Pot®, all you need is a little water and the trivet. The result is a decadent cheesecake with no fuss. Serve with fruit on top, such as ripe blackberries."

Photo by Shauna James Ahern

10. Instant Pot(R) Lemon Rotisserie Chicken

"This amazing recipe for lemon rotisserie chicken in the Instant Pot makes the most tender and moist chicken at home," says Fioa. "Perfect for a family dinner."

Photo by Fioa

11. Instant Pot(R) Chicken Enchiladas

"I created this recipe many years ago for my hubby who does not like the traditional sour cream sauce on his chicken enchiladas," says MaBell. "It's been a hit with family and friends ever since. Now with our Instant Pot(R) it's been improved and made better than ever! For a different take on chicken enchiladas that will make everyone happy, give this one a try!"

Photo by bd.weld

12. Instant Pot® Thanksgiving Dinner

OK, so maybe you can make cheesecake and lasagna in the Instant Pot, but a complete Thanksgiving dinner? True story. Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing -- they're all in there! "The key to getting the roasted flavor is to use a barbeque dry rub, such as the seasoning from Rendezvous in Memphis, Tennessee," says Leslie Kelly.

Photo by Vanessa

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