Coconut, papaya, guava and pineapple can take your taste buds on a tropical vacation, so why not serve them up during a fun island-style brunch? Those sweet, exotic flavors stand out like a plumeria lei on a hot day when they're folded into pancakes, waffles and top French toast. Try these top-rated recipes for a quick trip to Yummy Town. Aloha!

We're Cuckoo About Coconut

Looking at those itty bitty flakes, it's hard to believe they pack so much flavor and such an amazing texture. Toast coconut to make it even better, adding depth and a slight crunch. It's all good when used in these popular preparations.

Say Aloha to Some Pineapple + Banana

Grown in the warmest tropical climates, these juicy fruits are not only off-the-charts deeeelish, but also so super good for you, too. Take papaya, for instance, which helps with digestion. And pineapple is said to have powerful anti-oxidant properties. Better have another helping!

Pineapple Creamsicle Smoothie
Photo by lutzflcat

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