By Vanessa Greaves
October 27, 2014

I'm a little intimidated by people who can bake bread from scratch. But when they go one further and sculpt the dough into animal shapes that are almost too cute to eat, I bow down to their awesomeness, and I wish I still sat at the kids' table.

Chef John's Hot Dog Buns

A hot dog served up in a bun that's shaped like a hot dog. So meta.

Photo by catherine.drew

Bunny Bread

Maybe we'd all eat more vegetables if we could dip them in a bunny bowl.

Photo by Chels 2

Another take on Bunny Bread. Fun fact: A group of bunnies is called a fluffle.

Photo by catherine.drew

Turtle Bread

Photo by Blender Woman

Save the turtles...for lunch!

Alligator Animal Italian Bread

Photo by KriSten CarSon

Eat ya later, alligator.

Spooky Calzone Snake

And here's the one you'll need to pull a knife get at all the cheesy goodness inside.

Photo by SugarPlum♥

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