Our summertime sipper is here.

Remember the days of childhood when you rushed home from school to grab a SunnyD fruit drink from the fridge? Or remember how mom would always pack one in your lunchbox to help wash down that PB&J? Ahhh, the memories. (At least I have many of those, as a classic 90s child.)

If you're ready to relive some of that nostalgia, SunnyD has some great news for you: They're re-releasing two iconic flavors for the summer since they were so, so popular in their first run. In fact, they sold out in 2019.

If you have yet to try them, you're in for a real treat. These returning flavors are juicy Watermelon and tangy Lemonade, two flavors that just scream summer and refreshing. They are available at retailers nationwide, so you can head on to the grocery store and purchase now. They'll be sold as a 6.75-ounce single-serve bottle, great for packing for picnics or days by the water, or a 64-ounce multi-serving bottle. Prices are suggested between $2 and $5.

Sunny D Watermelon Lemonade
Credit: SunnyD

"Last year's smash hit performance made it a no-brainer to bring back these made-for summer, 100 percent fun limited-time flavors," Jim Gerbo, Chief Marketing Officer of Harvest Hill Beverage Company, said in a statement. "SUNNYD fans pride themselves on their bold originality, a feeling that’s captured in our Watermelon, Lemonade and the rest of our family of flavors."

A tip for some thirsty adults? Spike it! Just imagine how great the SUNNYD watermelon and lemonade might taste with some vodka, tequila or rum. I know what cocktail I'll be whipping up for my next tanning day on the patio or outdoor BBQ.

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