Sunkist Is Reviving Their Cherry Limeade Flavor

The summery seeming soda will return in February.

It's currently the middle of dreary January. Even in normal times, the cold temperatures and dreary weather would have us daydreaming about summertime. At a time like this, when summer offers the possibility of (potential) vaccinated freedom, or at least better conditions for spending time outside, I'd wager that many of us would be willing to hibernate and jump right ahead to Memorial Day Weekend.

Since the human experience of time doesn't work that way, though, we're forced to find little things that suggest a sense of summer where we can, and it seems like the return of a particular bright-red Sunkist flavor may do just that.

sunkist cherry limeade 20 ounce bottle

Shared by Instagram snack authority @Markie_Devo (who, again, has no connection to influential Akron, Ohio band Devo), it looks like 2021 will mark the return of Sunkist's Cherry Limeade flavor. Appropriately described in the post's caption as "tart meets sweet" it follows in the footsteps of Sunkist's 2020 release of a blue-tinted berry lemonade, a spiritual companion of sorts in that both are colorful sodas that look like they're best consumed on a beach.

Particularly astute Sunkist fans may note that this isn't the first time the world has been blessed with Cherry Limeade. It last made an appearance on the soda scene a few years ago, so this is more of a revival than an introduction. The last few years haven't been that great, all things considered, so maybe some red soda is what we need to turn things around.

Regardless, it sounds like Sunkist Cherry Limeade should start making its return to stores in February of 2021, many months before summer actually arrives. Then we sip, and wait.

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