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Can Do!

By Caitlyn Diimig, RD

Canned wines were last year's big wave. This year, it's all about the canned wine cocktail. Did someone say Bellini? Pop open a can and enjoy your favorite fizzy summer drink—no corkscrew or bartender required.

Meant for Sippin'

While the products here each contain about as much alcohol as a typical light beer, some 375-milliliter cans pack more alcohol than two glasses of wine. Check the ABV (alcohol by volume) before you chug.

1. The Infinite Monkey Theorem

This Colorado-based company blends Riesling with Palisade peach juice for its Peach Bellini—a delightfully balanced, effervescent drink that doesn't hit you over the head with sweetness. $15 for four (250-ml.) cans at and in stores in 40 states.

Photo: Kim Cornelison

2. Hoxie

The Lemon Linden Blanc is a bright summer sipper. It's floral and woodsy with a little lemon, honeysuckle, and ginger mixed in. We also liked the apple sweetness and mellow floral notes of Hoxie's Apple Chamomile wine cocktail. $28 for eight 250-ml. cans at, which ships to 15 states.

Photo: Kim Cornelison

3. Barefoot

If you prefer sweet wines, add this Moscato Spritzer to your cart ASAP. It's bursting with bubbly peach flavor. Plus, with its tiny package, you're able to finish it before it gets warm or goes flat. $8 for four 250-ml. cans at and in stores nationwide.

Photo: Kim Cornelison

4. Social

These sparkling sake cocktails are certified organic and pack just 88 calories. The 4 percent ABV won't knock you out either. We enjoyed the Hibiscus Cucumber, which was crisp and refreshing. If you like ginger-forward drinks, try the Pink Grapefruit Ginger variety. $11 for four 295-ml. Cans at, which ships to 22 states.

Photo: Kim Cornelison

5. Underwood

The Mei Wine cocktail is like nothing else we've tasted. Lychee and guava lend it a sweet tropical flavor, but tea and lemongrass give each sip edge and depth. Beer-lovers who want to dip their toes in the wine world may also like the Riesling Radler. Grapefruit and hop flavors keep it tart and tasty. $24 for four 375-ml. cans at and in stores nationwide.

Photo: Kim Cornelison

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