Lemonades and sweet teas, iced coffees and fruit smoothies, Italian sodas and root beer floats -- find your favorite summer quenchers. These cool summer sippers will satisfy every occasion and every thirst.

Juice Slushies

Relax with some of our favorite fruit coolers and icy slushies.

Here's one for the grown-ups. Made with vodka and brandy, qweenbee53 says, "These drinks can be deceiving," says . "They are very sweet and fruity tasting. Serve with great food and enjoy. I recommend using cherry or apricot brandy."

Adult Slushies
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"Instead of using ice cubes, I blended in frozen strawberries with the watermelon," says Sheila.

Watermelon Slush
Photo by Meredith
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"Delicious! I will never have to wonder what to do with my rhubarb ever again," says lau57.

Rhubarb Slush
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Lemonades & Limeades

These sweet-tart summer sips are made for sitting on the porch.

"Tart and sweet -- just how we like it," says Sandy. "If you don't like it that way, let it mellow down with some ice cubes."

Best Lemonade Ever
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"This is the BEST party punch EVER," says Dixie Chic. "It is WAY better than any other party punch that I have tasted. It has just the right amount of tart and sweet and it looks so beautiful!"

Easy Raspberry Lemonade
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"This is a tart, tasty lemonade with a sweet kick," says David. "You'll need a blender with a 'puree' or 'high pulse' setting. Garnish with any leftover strawberries."

2467297_ all natural strawberry lemonade allrecipes magazine
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Sodas & Floats

Take a sweet step back in time with the best of the old-time soda shop.

"Boy does this bring back memories," says Jillian. "My grandma used to make these for me and tonight it was the perfect after dinner treat."

Gourmet Root Beer Float
Photo by Melissa Goff
| Credit: Melissa Goff

"This was so refreshing," says Ladybugs. "I just found a new drink for the summer."

Italian Cream Soda
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Kids' Favorites

Here are some fun, frothy treats for the little ones.

"Delicious! I love how frothy it gets on top," says House of Aqua. "My daughter and I love this as a summery dessert."

Raspberry Fizzler
Photo by CCLoves2Bake

"Refreshing on a hot day, and not bad for you," says BROOKER57. "Tastes better than the over-priced commercial version."

Orange Glorious
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Iced Teas

Refreshing iced tea is truly the taste of summer.

"Southern sweet tea is perfect for hot summer days," says cookincode3

Sweet Tea
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Iced Coffees

Thees caffeinated quenchers are chilled to thrill.

"Strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk and chilled on ice makes an unbeatable Southeast Asian treat," say Joseph and Joyanna. "Serve it on hot summer days or as an evening treat. We learned this in Vietnam, and now drink almost all our espresso this way."

Vietnamese Iced Coffee
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Shakes & Smoothies

Creamy, cold treats for saving summer.

"Perfect summer smoothie for a post-workout boost," says megan.

Georgia Peach Smoothie
Georgia Peach Smoothie | Photo by lutzflcat

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