Why have milk and cookies separately when you can have both at once?

Target Sugar Cookie Milk
Credit: Photo: Target

When it's time to leave milk and cookies for Santa, you could just leave him one thing: Sugar Cookie Milk. Under Target's Market Pantry brand, the delicious, holiday-themed milk is back in stores again for the upcoming festive season.

Spotted on Instagram account @junkfoodonthego, the holiday sipper was seen at a Los Angeles-area Target, so we're hoping it will be in more states and locations soon.

As for ways to use it, you can drink it as is, of course. But one user recommends using it in sugar cookie toast crunch cereal — and we have to agree that sounds next level good.

You could also give it a go in other recipes — use it in frosting instead of regular milk or in a wintery milkshake. Use it for hot chocolate, add to smoothies, add some into a morning cup of oatmeal, too. There are few times we think you'd ever regret adding sugar-cookie milk to whatever you're eating.

And a heads up! There may also be a mint-flavored milk, according to users’ comments on the original Instagram thread. But it hasn't hit the shelves just yet. So, stay tuned!